Registration for the 2017 River Road Run
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  1. Registration is in the park across the road from the Lind Sports Plex.
  2. Washrooms can be found in the Lind Sports Plex.
  3. Parking
  4. There is a small parking lot just North of the tennis courts.
  5. There is a Large parking lot Just South of the Registration Park (just North of the St. Marys Vet Clinic).
  6. Please do not park on the road around the start line or in front of the Lind Sports Plex.
  7. Registration opens at 8:00am and closes at 9:45 am.
  8. Warm up at 9:45
  9. 10 km Race starts at 10:00
  10. 5km Race starts at 10:05
  11. 3 km Race starts at 10:10
Below is a map of the course followed by a map of the registration area and greater details for the out and back. The 10 km racer turn around is just past the 5 km road marker. Please note the map does have labeled errors. Holy Name Parish is not in the location indicated on the map and the St. Marys Vet Clinic is South of P2.
*The green arrow indicates the starting line. The Red square indicates the finish line.

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